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Find out what innovative solutions we are using in Marco Polo construction and in other projects.

Efim Podtelkov, Quality Control Manager: “We have implemented the use of OpenSpace software, which allows us to track all stages of construction and control the work down to the smallest detail.

With the help of a helmet-mounted camera, the entire object is captured in 360 degrees, then 3D modeling is created. You can walk on the virtual map online, looking at everything in the smallest detail, paying attention to the materials, comparing the result with the master plan and taking notes on the progress of construction”.

Such a system helps to control construction work at any place and at any time, allows to speed up the term of work and, most importantly, to improve the quality of construction of the facility.

“You can be sure that when buying real estate in Prime Property, you are getting the best quality, which is achieved using the most advanced technologies,” says Efim.