What makes for a better start to a blank canvas than the most stunning shorelines imaginable, pristine blue skies, crystal clear waters, mountain landscapes infused with vibrant tones and hues, breathtaking sunsets and spectacular forests; just to mention a few. And what better way to appreciate Cyprus, our beautiful island, than by celebrating it in everything we do whilst staying true to our aim of inspiring innovation through art.
Island blue is dedicated to the study of the environment and its inclusion in our process of developing. The project; ‘A blank canvas’ which comes to life whilst The Artist shapes, tones, forms and creates the masterpiece using the elements of its surroundings. The focus on art builds an incredible foundation in which we are transported to a new place of ‘home’ strongly rooted to nature.

This clip is a window expressing and showcasing that art is accepted, embraced and an essential ingredient to bringing a transformative experience of happiness, warmth and comfort to our homes – which is at the core of everything we do.

Island blue… We do art…